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The NO BS Blog Post about Direct Sales and Scentsy


Thousands of blog posts are all over the internet about different direct sales companies. What actually happens when someone starts looking up different direct sales companies? What makes one seem more appealing than another? When you are looking up direct sales on the internet, consultants can write and write and write and write about traveling and friendships and about how amazing it is but do we actually sit and think, “Wow, that sounds awesome, that could be me?” I didn’t. I actually thought to myself the exact opposite, “That’ll never be me.”Continue Reading

The Top Ten Reasons to Join The Scentsy Wickless Sparkers


The Scentsy Wickless Sparklers Team has transformed into being about so much more than just Scentsy. The name and our team represent a journey and a transformation. It is about that glow that a person has when they truly realize that they are where they should be or doing what they should be doing. It is about a self transformation and having that sparkle from the inside out.Continue Reading

What is Scentsy?


It still amazes me that people everywhere still ask, “What is Scentsy?” Scentsy Electric Candle Warmers are a safe, flameless alternative to flamed scented wicked candles! Scentsy Warmers are SAFE to use around kids and pets. The wax is warmed by a light bulb . That’s right, flameless! No more worries that they might get knocked over or those second thoughts trying to remember if you blew out the candle. The exclusive Scentsy wax has a melting point of just above normal body temperature so the melted wax will not burn. No Flame. No Wick. No Soot. No Worries.Continue Reading

Electric Candle Warmers


Electric Candle Warmers from Scentsy are great for those of us who love fragrance as well as the ambiance of a candle but want to put safety, health and cost first. Many of us have loved the traditional candles for many years. We love how they look and smell but what many of us don’t like is that horrible feeling that comes over us as we suddenly remember, we may have left a candle burning. There are many benefits to switching to beautiful hand crafted electric candle warmers and they make a wonderful gift for friends and family members who love scented items – candles, oils, and incense. With Scentsy, there is absolutely something for everyone and everyone’s decor.Continue Reading

Easter Egg Scentsy Warmer February 2013 Scentsy Warmer of the Month

Easter Egg Scentsy Warmer February 2013 Scentsy Warmer of the Month FEBRUARY WARMER | Easter Egg Scentsy Warmer Available February 1st 2013 As colorful as the coming spring, Easter Egg is the perfect present for any basket! Layers of pretty, hand-painted pastel patterns and dancing daisies decorate its glossy surface. Open it, and you’ll findContinue Reading

Be Mine Scentsy Warmer January 2013 Scentsy Warmer of thee Month

Be Mine Scentsy Warmer January 2013 Scentsy Warmer of the Month JANUARY WARMER | Be Mine Scentsy Warmer Cupid is bringing out the bling this Valentine’s Day! Be Mine is a radiant, patent-red warmer featuring a sparkling stunner of a bejeweled heart. Give it to that special someone, or just treat yourself! DSW-BMNE $35.00 $31.50 (10% OFF)Continue Reading

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